Corrugated Packaging 


Why Corrugated Carton ?


The primary task of all packaging is to ensure that the product is protected, and reaches the end consumer in a safe and usable manner. Among the various modes of packaging, paper corrugated packaging is the most versatile, Eco-friendly, secure, and cost effective, which makes it preferred choice for majority of products. Modern printing technology used by Omani Packaging converts cartons in a highly visible medium for advertising.


Variety of cartons

  • Regular Slotted Carton
  • Die Cut Wrap Around
  • Telescopic Top and Bottom
  • Single Face Corrugated Rolls

Omani Packaging manufacture corrugated cartons that are custom designed to suit every product requirement. Product range includes 3 ply in B or C flute and 5 ply in B&C flutes Regular slotted, telescopic top and bottom box, die cut trays, assembled partitions and single face corrugated rolls for cushioning and protection, and wax lined cartons for frozen products.

These boxes are meant to represent and protect valuable merchandise of all the Industrial, Agriculture and Household sector.